Track & Optimize Everything

Track, Test and Optimize Campaigns across Multiple Traffic Sources with Full “On-the-Fly” Control and Virtually Unlimited Flexibility.

Self-Hosted & Secure Solution

CPV Lab is a Web Based, Self-Hosted Platform that runs on your own server…keeping your data private and only accessible to you.

Enterprise-Class Mobile Data

Over 30+ Mobile Data Points to Track and Optimize Campaign Performance by Device, and Automatic Weekly Detection Database Updates.

Easy to Use & Integrate

Setup can be as simple or complex as you wish. You don’t need to be a Programmer to take full advantage of CPV Lab offers.

Heavy Traffic Enhanced & Ready

Customizable Performance Enhancements for High-Traffic Users, Responsive Stats Interface and UltraFast Redirects during Peak Usage.

Live Switch Technology

Automatic Cookie & Cookie-Less Tracking for Continued Cookie Support, all while Tracking Visitors with Cookies Disabled.

Here are some unique features you’ll find extremely useful, once you’re set up

Detailed “Lab Stats”
with 20+ Click, Conversion & Revenue Metrics

In-Depth Data for all Campaigns including Ads, Keywords, Pages and Offers along with Detailed Revenue Data to Quickly Optimize Profits.

Unlimited Ads & Creatives
Banners,Text Ads, Any Ad..Track Them All

View Stats for Individual Ads vs. any combination of Keyword, Page, Offer and More.

Unlimited Page & Offer Rotation
Easily Update Rotations Without Coding

Add New or Edit Pages and Offers in Rotation with No Coding. Use a simple interface to Quickly Adjust Rotation on the Fly, In Real-Time

“IF/THEN” Click Redirects
Choose from 23 Different Conditions

Quickly Segment and Redirect Visitors based on Multiple Conditions including… Geography, ISP / Carrier, even Mobile and Usability Conditions to ensure your visitors can view and interact with your pages.

Trends with Heatmaps
Identify Day-Parting for Peak Performance

Drill-Down into the most profitable trends by Keywords, Pages and Offers with a few Clicks. Actually SEE Your Trend Performance Heatmapped for Easy “Spot-On” Optimization Opportunities.

GEO-Stats and Details
Quickly Identify Top Performing Locations

Easily View and Filter Campaign Data to Spot the Most Profitable Visitor Location, and Fast 1-Click Drill Down into any Selected GEO to view detailed performance reports for the region or area.

Complete Pixel and Postback Management
All Pixel & Postback Formats Supported

Image, iFrame, Script Based and Postback URLs and our Nested Pixel Feature allows you to Trigger Additional Pixels and Pass Token Data to other Systems you are using with CPV Lab.

Serving 1,000’s of Users

in Over 60 Countries,

Since 2010


All of Your Traffic Sources in One Central Platform
If you can place a simple link…you can track it!

  • Pay Per Click
  • Cost Per View
  • Email Marketing
  • Organic Traffic
  • Media Buys
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Link Placements
  • Social Ads
  • Retargeting
  • In-Text Ads
  • Native Ads

Stats , Mobile & Optimization
View your Data with a Wide-Range of Perspectives, Options and Filters

Detailed Mobile Data for Device Optimization

Go Far Beyond Simple Device Detection with Complete Content, Browser, Device and Usage Stats.

  • Mobile Audience Overview
    Easily Identify Top Performing “Traits” such as Video Support, Data Rates, Mobile OS, Screen Resolutions AND the impact they have on the profitability of the campaign.
  • Mobile Content Supported
    Identify the content your visitors can actually watch or read on their device, including file types and messaging options supported.
  • Mobile Device Usage Data
    A unique data set that allows you to view your Stats by…Devices Supporting Dual Orientation Display, Type of Pointing Method Visitors are using…Touch, ClickWheel, and more.
  • Mobile Browser & Features Supported
    View Profitability by Popular Browsers, and Drill-Down in your Stats to Identify Potential Performance and Segmenting Opportunities by “Features Supported”.

Campaign Dashboard
Complete Performance Overview

View all your Campaigns, Clone Existing Campaigns with 1 Click or Export Campaign Setups as CSV Files for Offline Editing.

Live View "Visitor Stats"
See All Visitors in Real-Time

Quickly view visitors for Any or All Campaigns as they come in with Click, Conversion, GEO & Revenue Data.

Customizable Stat Views
Save Unlimited Data Views For Quick Access

Save your Favorite and Most Used Views to Get the Data you need to make Optimization Decisions Quickly.

Detailed “Buyer” Stats
Dig into Converting Visitor Data

View Complete Data for each Conversion including Date/Time, IP Address, Country, State, City, Revenue, SubID, and more.

Report Builder
Create Hard Data Reports

Template Based System for Easy Repeat Use and Supports Bulk Updates for Multiple Campaigns at Once.

Custom Tokens
Expand & Enhance Data

Add tokens supported by your Traffic Sources, CRM, Cart or Autoresponder to Easily Pass & Cross-Reference Data.

Capture Referrers
Domains, Pages & Category

View Stats by Referrer and Use Custom Referrer Categories to spot for potential verticals of interest to Expand Targeting.

Break-Out Stats
Quick-View of Campaign Elements

Ads, Landing Pages, Opt-In Pages, Offers, Emails & the Overall Campaign…in a 1-page easy to view format.

Opt-In & Lead Tracking
with Full Subscriber Metrics

Track Opt-Ins and Leads when using Double Opt-In, Single Opt-In, or When No Confirmation Page is Used.

Engagement Metrics
Page Interaction & Time to Conversion

View Complete Data for each Conversion including Date/Time, IP Address, Country, State, City, Revenue, SubID, and more.

If you have Products or Offers on the Market and wish to Track Conversions & Sales to Extremely Detailed Levels,
all while Testing and Optimizing Landing Pages, Keywords, Ads, Creatives and Offers = CPV Lab is for you.


Physical or Digital Products, Single Products or Full Catalogs…Easily Split Test promotion pages, discount and sale offers.


Quickly Setup, Validate New Tests & Easily Clone Campaigns for New Traffic sources or Segment Traffic for massive scaling.


Lead Generation and Direct Response Offers are a Perfect Fit! Optimize Full Conversion Paths every step of the way.


Agencies and Networks receive discounts on bulk license purchases, we offer flexible licensing solutions to fit your needs.

What Our Users Say..

Limitless Flexibility with Virtually Endless Variations…Imagine the Possibilities!

hand_iconDirect Link & Landing Page

Easily Rotate Unlimited Landing Page and Offers, plus quickly Test the Effectiveness of Landing Pages vs. Direct Linking from 1 Campaign.

check_icon Landing Page Sequence

Build Funnels and Lead Paths…instead of the “traditional” direct link or simple landing page. CPV Lab allows you to create multi-page visitor sequences, featuring opt-ins and multiple offers.

doller_iconLead Capture

Test multiple lead capture pages using only 1 autoresponder form and Quickly See Subscribers, Subscriber Rate and Cost Per Subscriber in Real-Time.

Multiple Option

Quickly test multiple offers from 1 landing page. Great for review style landing pages for adding Downsells and Upsells to a Primary Offer.

path_iconMultiple Path

Setup Multiple Page and Offer Combinations to easily run themed paths, then rotate and control each path to determine the top performer.

Email Follow-Up

Track campaign links in your email follow-ups and assign revenue to the initial “optin” campaign to easily determine the effectiveness and profitability of your email marketing efforts.

More on Campaign Types & Examples


Goal-Based Profiles give you the ability to take some of the work out of your Optimization process.

Alert Profiles Minimize Loss
With Interface & Desktop App Notifications

Create Custom Alert Profiles based on Specific Goals by Total Visitors, Conversion Rate, CTR, and Subscribers. View all your Triggered Alerts within your Stats and also our Lab Alerts Desktop Application.

Campaign Optimization Profiles
UnThink Optimization Decisions

Create Optimization Profiles for Campaign Goals by ROI, CTR, Conversions, and Profit Per Visitor. Goals can be created for Keywords, Landing Pages and Offers. A Quick Optimization Report then shows the actions you should take based on Winners, Losers or where you need to collect more data.

Your Marketing and Campaigns don’t have to be limited by your tracking…Free Yourself!

Campaign Priority Settings
Great for Funnels & Multi-Campaign Setups

Allows you to handle Organic & Campaign Traffic differently, and Multi-Campaign Funnels to easily move the Visitor through the Correct Campaign based on the Priority you Set.

Controlled Internal Linking
Create Customized Visitor Experiences

Create Specific Internal Linking Structures based on your needs. Easily send Visitors to Specific Landing Pages, Level of Landing Page, Offer, Offer Group or Path.

Custom Data Control & Wildcards
Easily Pass or Post Campaign Data

Use Wildcards On-Page to Customize your Visitors Message by Geo Data, Mobile Device, or Keyword. Or use in URLs to quickly pass or post data to and from 3rd Party Systems

Campaign Groups for Easy Organization
View Combined Performance for Groups

Create Custom Groups for each of your campaigns, and then Quickly Filter and View Stats by Group. Great for Multi-Campaign Funnels and Multi-Channel Campaigns.

Matching Campaign Links
Create Masked Links to Match Any Domain

A simple interface allows you to create Masked Redirects using HTML, PHP and JS…and you can still pass and capture data from your newly created links.

Built-In Clickbank Postbacks
Publisher/Vendor, Capture Conversion Data

Our dedicated Clickbank Pixel takes advantage of their instant notification system, to Receive real-time conversion and revenue data from Clickbank directly to CPV Lab.

Easily Manage, Customize and Secure Your Data.

Traffic Source Management
Save & Track Unlimited Traffic Sources

Enhanced Security Features
Monitor Failed Logins for Increased System Protection

Extract Keywords from Search Traffic
View Organic Referrers and Pull the Actual Keyword

Update Conversions & Earnings
Adjust Payouts and Update Conversions by IP or SubID

Simple Stats Management & Clean-Up
Keep Your Stats Clean and Accurate

Blocked Traffic Rules
Keep Your Stats Free of Bot Clicks

Monitor System Performance
Error Log to View System Events

Upload Campaigns by CSV
Simple Campaign Templates for Offline Setup


No-Hassle Money-Back Guarantee

Try CPV Lab for a Full 30 Days…you have nothing to risk. If for any reason you feel CPV Lab hasn’t helped your Marketing or just isn’t for you…Let us know and You’ll receive a 100% refund. But once you try it…you won’t want to go back to life without it

Server Requirements

All Standard with Most Hosting Providers

  • Linux Server – VPS or Dedicated Recommended
  • PHP Version 5.3 or above
  • MySQL Version 5.1 or above
  • Minimum 60MB of Disk Space
  • ION Cube Loaders 4.4 or above
  • CPV Lab Alerts is a Windows Application (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP)

Get Started Today and Experience
Unlimited Flexibility with CPV Lab

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    1 Full Version License

    100 Custom Tracking Domains

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    1 Year of Software Updates

    Weekly Device, Carrier & Browser Database Updates

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